Structural Excellence Award 2006

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Joint Structural Division Special Awards 2006


The Joint Structural Division Special Awards aims to promote excellence in structural engineering demonstrated through the design and construction of buildings and structures in the last two years. The first award was held in 1998/1999 and this is the eighth event. Since 2004/2005, the award has extended to include a Special Award for China Projects in recognition of the significant contribution of our structural engineers to projects in China.


This year, there are three submissions on Hong Kong Projects and five submissions on China Projects. Three awards were selected by a Panel of Judges based on the following assessment criteria:
Engineering approach
Unusual features
Energy efficiency and environmental friendliness
Sustainability and serviceability


China Projects

Special Award

Maunsell Structural Consultants Ltd. for the Grand Gatew, Shanghai


Hong Kong Projects

Special Award

Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Limited for the Three Pacific Place, Hong Kong


Commendation Award

Maunsell Structural Consultants Ltd. for the Choi Hung Park & Ride Development No.8 Clear Water Bay Road, Kowloon



Please refer to the annual report 2005-2006 for more information.

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