Rules for the Best Reporter Award

Date, time & venue





· To encourage participation in events organized by the Joint Structural Division

· To promote interests in the respective themes of the events

· To promote report writing skills among members


Entry Requirements:

All HKIE members of any grade and full-time engineering students who have attended the event are eligible.



· Participants are required to submit a report of the event, which may include comments on the theme. The report shall be in English unless otherwise stated.

· The report shall be prepared in Microsoft Word format and in a form suitable for publication in Institution & Division Activities of Hong Kong Engineer. The report shall be up to a maximum of 350 words in length. Up to one digital photograph is allowed. The digital photograph shall be of jpg or tif format having a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. The photograph shall be provided by separate file. Captions for photograph shall be provided in the Microsoft Word file with the filenames of the photograph properly marked.



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