Half-Day Seminar on Appointment of Proper Personnel under the RSE Stream of Site Supervision Plan

Date, time & venue
2018-08-24;1:45 pm (registration) for 2:00 pm to 5:45 pm;Room HJ302, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hunghom, Kowloon


(Supported by Structural Division)


Scope and Objectives

Welding has been widely used in the local construction industry for decades. While advances in welding technology may enhance the design and quality of welded structures, it is imperative for the RSE to appoint proper personnel to help him supervise the welding and related steelworks on site to ensure construction safety as well as built quality in strict accordance with the approved plan. Under the normal practice, such personnel is the Senior Certified Welding Inspector (CWI).


Under the Buildings Ordinance, the Registered Structural Engineer (RSE) is required to
i. certify the design preparation of welding works in the prescribed structural plan when they make application of the structural plan for approval via Form BA5.
ii. certify that the completed welding works are constructed safely as per the approved structural plan under the Buildings Ordinance via Form BA13 / BA14. This comprises fabrication to the approved plan and adherence to the Quality Assurance Scheme (QAS) while ensuring welding works at all stages are carried out safely.


The Code of Practice for The Structural Use of Steel 2011 stipulates the requirements and best practice in welding, which will be deem-satisfied when these requirements are complied with.


With respect to the QAS of welding works, it covers the quality assurance from raw material all the way up to the final welding works. Simply, the QAS of welding works are validated by
i. mill certificates of raw steel material
ii. Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS),
iii. Welders’ Certificates (WC); and iv. subsequent non-destructive tests (NDTs).


Under the Site Supervision Control Regime, although Senior CWI does not play any particular role, he is qualified to perform the duties of quality control supervision under the RSE stream so as to ensure the welding works are carried out safely and with built quality.


Only when Senior CWI is employed under the RSE, the responsibility of the RSE is sufficiently protected and the risk of liabilities against negligence is significantly mitigated. Hence, the RSE’s professional integrity is safeguarded.


The seminar is tailor-made for building professionals, particularly RSEs under the Supervision Plan of the Buildings Ordinance, to become aware of the cardinal role of Senior CWI.


HKISC is pleased to invite the speaker Mr. S K Babu, who is the Director of Astar Consultant. Mr. Babu acquires his qualifications in Non-destructive Testing, Welding, Painting, Coating, Asset Integrity and QHSE Management Systems and is a prominent expert in non-destructive testing of welded joints.


Official Language
English will be the official language medium of the seminar.


Registration fees
The registration fee includes a copy of lecture notes, a copy of half-day CPD certificate.


Regular Registration: HK$ 500 each for HKISC; HK$600 each for HKIE Members; HK$ 800 each for non HKISC/ HKIE Members.
Group Registration: HK$ 600 each for group registration of at least 5 people


Please send the completed registration form with registration fee to Mr. Sam Chan, HKISC c/o ZS945, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon by 17 August 2018 (Fax No.: 852-2334 6389). You can download this form on HKISC web (http://www.hkisc.org) or request through emailing to: samchan@hkisc.org.



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