Young or Ready Series – A Route to Become a Professional Structural Engineer (Jointly organised by HKIE YMC and HKIE STL)


Date, time & venue

2023-02-13; 6:30 pm – 8:00pm; ZOOM


Programme Highlights

Young or Ready Series (YoRS) is set to help young members to decide and equip themselves to the route of a professional engineer in different disciplines. It aims to provide a channel to share up-to-date information on Professional Assessment and address queries and misconceptions of members, such that they can fully understand the requirement of Professional Assessment and the way to demonstrate all the competences set out in the HKIE Competence Standard.


This seminar will introduce to young members:

–         Routes towards HKIE Corporate Membership

–         Arrangement of competence-based professional assessment

–         Preparation and submission for professional assessment

–         Key to success in the professional assessment



Cantonese (with presentation materials in English)



Ir CHAN Sai-cheong, Edward, Structural Discipline Advisory Panel Member


Registration & Enquiries

This workshop is free of charge and the number of participants is limited to 500. The applications will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis with priority given to Registered Young Members and Structural Division Members. For registration, please visit Successful applicants will be notified individually. For enquiries, please contact Mr. Tommy Chan by email at

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