Hong Kong Wind Engineering Society Workshop 5

Advancement in Wind Engineering for a Sustainable Urban Environment

Date: 13-14 July 2023      Venue: Studio 1 & 2, InnoCentre, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong


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Hong Kong Wind Engineering Society (HKWES) aims to promote the education, science and practice of wind engineering in Hong Kong. The HKWES Workshop series is a biennial event held by HKWES to foster communications and collaborations among scholars, practising engineers and research students in Asia.


Background and theme
We are in a rapidly evolving world full of challenges related to wind: wind hazards, extreme weather (including wind) due to climate change, new challenges associated with super tall buildings and long-span infrastructures in urban areas, rising demand for wind related actions to strengthen urban resilience, contributing to low carbon emission, and increased safety and serviceability performance in today’s metropolitans.
Fortunately, substantial advancement in wind engineering has been observed in the past decade, including engineering applications of ever taller and ever longer buildings and infrastructures, availability of more advanced wind tunnel testing facilities, progress on computational wind engineering, application of AI and big data, as well as vast adoption of wind energy. Those advancements reflect constant efforts of researchers and practising engineers in the field to pursue a better and more sustainable urban environment.
In this light, the 5th HKWES Workshop ‘Advancement in Wind Engineering for a Sustainable Urban Environment’ is organised to provide a platform for scholars, practising engineers and research students in Asia to share the latest progress on wind engineering, explore opportunities for further discussion and collaborations, and develop solutions for a sustainable urban environment in this fast-evolving, challenging world.


A comprehensive programme has been designed in this two-day workshop (9:00am – 6:00pm, Hong Kong Time), with the below highlights:
• Top-class keynote/invited speeches contributed by eight reputational research scholars adnd wind experts
• 20+ high quality oral presentations from academia and industry professionals in the region
• An inspiring cross-disciplinary lunch sharing session from industry experts (13 July lunch)
• A half-day training course, focusing on the detailed application of 2019 Hong Kong Wind Code, for industry professionals and practitioners (14 July afternoon)
• Attendance certificate will be issued after the workshop


If you have any questions, please contact the organising committee at HKWESWorkshop5@arup.com.

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